Dinosaur Pie


When Rory’s Mum buys him a delicious looking pie for dinner, it seems like a very satisfying end to what has been a pretty ordinary day.  Unfortunately, Mum doesn’t look at the wrapper, which advises that the pie (Dinosaur Pie) may induce ‘dinosaur transformation effects’.

This is indeed what happens – Rory wakes up the next morning as a small dinosaur, covered in feathers.  His friend Daria takes the transformation in her stride.  Being something of a Dino-expert, she pronounces that he is now a deinonychus – a carnivorous mini-dinosaur.  Unfortunately, the effects of the transformation do not wear off, as promised on the wrapper.

The supermarket will not help, nor does the doctor.  How are matters going to be resolved?  What has caused the change?  Will Rory ever change back?

This is a hugely funny and surreal story.

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Dinosaur Pie

Jen Wallace, illustrated by Alan O’Rourke

(Little Island)

Dinosaur Pie begins on what seems another ordinary day for Rory.  He is larking about at school with mates Oleg and Daria.  They are looking forward to the latest edition of their favourite video game Big Battle World.  What happens next is not really Rory’s mum’s fault. Having just returned from the local shop, she’s bought Rory a new dinner option.  It’s a product called Dinosaur Pie.  It looks like it would be a nice change for Rory’s dinner.
Unfortunately however, the next morning Rory wakes up as a dinosaur.  Furthermore, he’s not dressed as a dinosaur, or has dino pyjamas on, he actually is a dinosaur. He’s a Labrador-sized dinosaur, covered in feathers – though he can’t fly.  What’s more, he is unable to talk, which makes sense because dinosaurs can’t talk.  His friends are hardly helpful.  His mum retrieves the pie wrapper, which does indeed suggest that the pie ‘may cause dinosaur transformation effects’.  At least the advice also says the effects should wear off in 12 hours.  They don’t.
Rory now craves sausages, lots of them.  Appeals to the supermarket are met with disinterest.  Even the doctor is remarkably relaxed about the whole thing.  What can Rory, his mum and his friends do?  It’s all turning into a very weird week.
This is a very funny and surreal transformation story, with plenty of laughs throughout.  Readers enjoying dinosaur transformation stories should check out Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex, also available in the Bookwagon on-line story.



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