Diva and Flea A Parisian Tale


Diva and Flea‘ is reminiscent of ‘The Lady and the Tramp’. Diva, a little dog in a safe, small setting, full of her responsibility, meets wild, huge Flea, an alleycat with attitude and no fixed abode. Their friendship enables Diva to realise, ‘I am brave’ when she steps outside the  constraints of 11 avenue Le Play to experience the might of Paris. In turn, Flea discovers ‘breck- fast’ and friendly brooms. While Diva is afraid of the ‘feet outside’, Flea is fearful of the ‘feet inside.’

This beautiful book is an elegy to friendship, a recognition of the importance of being able to ‘flâneur in style, while being a love story to Paris. We recommend ‘Diva and Flea‘ to all readers young and old.


Diva and Flea A Parisian Tale

As told and shown by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi

(Walker Books)

Diva is responsible for 11 avenue Le Play. She has a very big job for a very small dog. In contrast, Flea has no fixed address and doesn’t care too much about his nickname He is a large cat, and a flea,  is a small animal. This is the story of Diva and Flea’s meeting and friendship. ‘Diva and Flea‘ is an eminently readable, attractive, delightful story.


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