Diver’s Daughter


Mama tells Eve, ‘Never trust anyone.’ Their dark skins draw curiosity and prejudice in Tudor London. An incident after the Bartholomew Fair leads to the pair travelling to Southampton. Yet their journey is hampered by treachery, illness and ultimately betrayal. Can the African diver of whom they’ve heard help Eve and her Mama? Might Southampton prove more welcoming than London?

‘Diver’s Daughter’ is based upon the unknown histories of Africans and Asians who lived in Tudor times. Many, like Eve and her mother, were resident because of capture by Portuguese or Italian slave ships. Their lives were tough; hampered by superstition and isolation.

Patrice Lawrence has created a rugged, truthful, empathetic account of the time. We share the travails and terrors of two helpless, willing characters in hostile Tudor England.

‘Diver’s Daughter’ is the second title of the Voices series, initiated by Bali Rai’s  Now or Never: A Dunkirk Story


Diver’s Daughter

A Tudor Story

Voices series

Patrice Lawrence


Eve is the ‘Diver’s Daughter’. Mama’s arrival in England is mysterious and painful. Eve is aware of her scars. She hears her mother’s warning, ‘Do not trust anyone.’ Can they trust George Symons? Off the Southampton coast are riches beneath the waves. Henry VIII’s ‘Mary Rose’ was laden with treasure when it sank. Can the story be trusted? Life is harsh in Tudor England for anyone who looks different. Eve and her mother are vulnerable and alone.



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