Dixie O’Day On His Bike!


Dixie and Percy have taken rather too many cream teas. When Dean Delaney lycra lupine lurches past on his speedy cycle, Dixie rises to the challenge and a custom- made tandem results. Despite Percy’s superior map reading skills, Dixie’s admiration of Dean knows neither bound nor obstacle,. It means the pair suffer  a tough tandem ride of events. However, their bonds and bonhomie pay off in the end.

With perfectly considered pace, sparkling vocabulary, and joyous illustrations, ‘Dixie O’Day On His Bike’ opens an ideal route to newer readers.

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Dixie O’Day On His Bike!

Shirley Hughes & Clara Vulliamy

(Red Fox)

Dixie and Percy have been enjoying rather too many cream teas! It’s  time for ‘Dixie O’Day on His Bike!’ Will Dixie heed Percy’s good advice and map reading skills? Could speedy Dean Delaney upend all their tandem plans? The Dixie O’Day series is the dogs’ woof of super chapter book reading for readers growing in confidence. 


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