Do Not Lick this Book*


‘Do Not Lick this Book*’ You have no idea what you’re licking! There’s a vast community of microbes on this page, and that one too. Min lives in this book. She is one of the infinite number of microbes who live everywhere about us, from intestines, to trumpets, to the top of Mount Everest.

We join Min on an adventure. Aboard a finger, she leads us to our teeth. When we see a close up picture of our teeth, it’s reminiscent of looking at storm clouds from above. The community of microbes living in this harvest are not so keen on tooth brushing. Those that make our shirts smell prefer an unwashed habitat. Min’s microbe community inside a belly button are less likely to have visitors. One shares a story about the time soap invaded his home…

Iran Ben-Barak and Julian Forest have created a really engaging book, with approachable and amusing text, characterised microbes and fascinating pictures. Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell ‘Do Not Lick this Book*’  

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Do Not Lick this Book*

Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Forest

(Allen & Unwin)– hardback

Take a journey with Min. Be careful! ‘Do Not Lick this Book*‘ for Min is a microbe. She is so tiny that  3, 422, 167 of her and her ilk could fit on a pencil tip! A journey with her is one to places you’ve never seen before! You’ll meet her friends and see how they live. ‘Delicious chunk of dead skin‘ anyone?

* It’s full of germs

Winner of the Children’s Book of the Year, Australia


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