Do You Speak Chocolate?


Spelling, drama, French, all confound Jaz, our endearing, hot-tempered lead character. Most confounding is her best friend’s friendship with melodramatic Kara. When a new girl, Nadima, joins the class, Jaz is quick to take her under her wing and build a friendship; this despite Nadima speaking no English and having little to share about her background.

We follow the ups and downs and discoveries of Jaz’s friendships and school issues in this warm, true to life, considerate novel. It is ideal for readers who enjoy real life issues, but want a little more to chew over. Bookwagon recommends ‘Do You Speak Chocolate?’ to readers who enjoy Jacqueline Wilson, real life, ‘ups and downs’- type stories.

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Do You Speak Chocolate?

Cas Lester

(Piccadilly Press)

Jaz strikes up a friendship with Nadima, the new girl, despite problems at school, with friends and their  reliance on Google Translate. This warm-hearted, hot-tempered, chocolate-coated novel, hits the sweet notes. The issues are real, the main character, Jaz, frustrating but endearing, and the themes handled subtly. We recommend ‘Do You Speak Chocolate‘ to readers who appreciate real-life issue titles.


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