Does a Bear Wash Its Hair?


If you have ever wondered how animals fill their day, you might be surprised to learn that much of their day is devoted to many of the same things that humans do, such as washing, cleaning, tidying, pooing and sleeping! Does a Bear Wash Its Hair? shows how many of these animals carry out these everyday tasks.  Some often use other creatures to help them with these daily routines.

These are creatures of habit, just like humans.  The author and illustrator demonstrate how animals carry out these tasks in an entertaining and informative way.  The rhyming prose, married with the brilliant pictures and informative text snippets, make for a wildly successful non-fiction picture book.

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Does a Bear Wash Its Hair?

Moira Butterfield, illustrated by Adam Ming


We all know that humans eat, sleep, wash and ‘go to the toilet’, but what about the animal world?  Here, author Moira Butterfield follows up her superb ‘Does a Monkey Get Grumpy?’ with a witty, rhyming look at how animals do the same.
Does a Bear Wash its Hair shows how animals brush their teeth and perform self-care routines.
Animals often use other creatures to help them to wash and get clean.  For instance, some whales and fish use smaller fish, such as a wrasse, as part of their personal cleaning regime. Furthermore, crocodiles are happy for the Egyptian Plover to sit inside their open jaws for the birds to pick clean their teeth!  Animals are equally fastidious about tidiness as well.  For instance, a Caledonian Crow stores the sticks it uses to dig out tasty grubs in holes in a tree – a sort of bird cutlery drawer.  The section in the book on pooing is particularly revealing, so to speak.
Moira Butterfield uses rhyming prose and short descriptive text to explain in an entertaining and informative manner.  The full-colour illustrations by Adam Ming make for a perfect creative partnership.


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