Does a Monkey Get Grumpy?


Do you know that swans dance to show their love? What’s more, they ‘ruffle their feathers and bow to each other‘. Then again, this is a partnership for life. However, how else might we know animals’ feelings?

Moira Butterfield and Adam Ming show and describe a range of animal actions that demonstrate feelings in Does a Monkey Get Grumpy? We’re reminded that if we look, we might understand the behaviour.

Thereafter, we see that getting sick or leaving its food is an indication that rabbits are lonely. After all, these are social animals, like guinea pigs. However, should we see a goose with its head bowed alone, making ‘sad honking noises‘, it’s possible that it’s lost its partner and is heartbroken.

Alongside rhyming couplets that describe the action animatedly, we’ve rich pictures and informative anecdotes. Altogether, we arrive at a really interesting book that’s sure the elicit lots of discussion and a desire to watch animals too! Bookwagon loves and recommends Does a Monkey Get Grumpy?

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Does a Monkey Get Grumpy?

Animals have feelings, just like you!

Moira Butterfield and Adam Ming


 Humans show how we feel through how ‘we move and what we say’ Yet what about animals? After all, they cannot talk. So how might they show how they feel?
It seems that angry monkeys bare their teeth or ‘scream and ‘thump the ground and run around’. Thereafter, ‘friends help to calm the monkey down by picking fleas from off its fur’. Meanwhile happy horses ‘gently run each other’s necks and faces‘ while rats make high-pitched squeaks to show delight.
 Moira Butterfield, whom we know and love for wonderful picture books such as Sing Like a Whale, investigates the animal world in Does a Monkey Get Grumpy? Thereafter, we ‘cows skip and prance’ when they feel excited. In fact, we learn how the Danes come to watch the animals’ excitement on Dancing Cows’ Day, when cows ‘leave their barns for grassy fields after winter’! 
Bookwagon is delighted by the variety of information and thereafter the accessible, interesting presentation of Does a Monkey Get Grumpy? Adam Ming’s illustrations are so animated. What’s more, every feeling is described in rhyme, ahead of outlining the actions that demonstrate any specific animal’s behaviour. It means that we are totally absorbed! Thereafter, Bookwagon recommends this fascinating picture book to our readers.


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