Doggy Dance Off


A ‘boogie woogie to a spot of bebop’! A ‘funky chicken and [a] hand jive too” Who is the masked dancer at the Doggy Dance Off? She’s a backflipping wonder who has all the crowds entranced!

It seems that this dancer’s joined diva, Eva, the golden retriever alongside excited Lenny Labrador, who’s ‘never ever been to a disco before’. Then again, there’s back spinning Dynamite Doug, and pogoing, pink puck rocker cockapoo, Duke Doggy Doo! Meanwhile, who’s the Superstar DJ? Furthermore, who will be crowned winner?

Bookwagon is entranced by Steve Smallman and Robert Starling’s rhyming, riotous Doggy Dance Off. We feel the pulse and love the humour and imagination. In fact, we suggest that Doggy Dance Off is a superb picture book to read aloud, often, laugh over and know well! What a dog-tastic picture book!

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Doggy Dance Off

Steve Smallman & Robert Starling

(Little Tiger Press)

Let’s head to ‘the place where the cool dogs meet’ where they ‘wag their tails‘ and ‘stomp their feet’! We’re heading to the Doggy Dance Off.
There’s a disco beat to catch from a Superstar DJ who’s ‘very good at scratchin’‘.However, who let Patch in? After all, he has fleas, ‘and fleas are catching!’ Then there’s disco diva, Eva, the golden retriever, alongside Dynamite Doug, who’s ‘a cool doggy dude and a body popping pug’! Who else might enter this wild and wagging contest?
The Eyebrows of Doom from Steve Smallman is one of Bookwagon‘s favourite picture books. Meanwhile we love the Fergal stories, amongst others, from Robert Starling. Both creators are at the top of their giant schnauzer game with this disco delight! Alongside rhyme and pulsing rhythm, we’ve nonsensical imagination and wide eyed characterisations of a breadth of contestants. What’s more it seems there are boogie woogies and backflips from a masked dancer. However, who could it be? Might there be an interloper?
 Bookwagon is delighted with the outcome of this competition! What’s more, we suggest that Doggy Dance Off is a superb choice for reading aloud and often. What a fabulous, fulfilling, laugh-out-loud picture book treat!


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