Dogs in Disguise


Roll up, roll up to see schnauzers in trousers and shih-tzus having a go at jujitsu.  These are just some of the disguises that dogs will adopt when they are really having fun.  They love to do it when us humans are not looking.

In this very funny and addictive book, Peter Bently and John Bond have let us readers peek beyond these pooches’ disguises to reveal just what they get up to.

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Dogs in Disguise

Peter Bentley and John Bond

(Harper Collins)

Maybe you don’t know that dogs wear disguises? Well, they do and the brilliant author Peter Bently and illustrator John Bond have set out to prove it with Dogs in Disguise!
It is probably a surprise that dogs wear disguises, but in fact, fashionable red setters are roaming our streets in their trendy outfits.  Of course, shih-tzus are cannily competing in jujitsu matches. We have just not looked hard enough.  Didn’t you know that puppies are disguising themselves as gnus to get into the zoo?
In this brilliantly funny picture book, lots of silly dogs in even sillier costumes demonstrate their wily way.  They blend in (sometimes) to their environments like the doggy geniuses they are. The illustrations are hilarious, featuring really relatable expressions on the dogs’ faces.  There is also a wealth of costume detail that will have readers spotting more every time they read.  The text by Peter Bently is very funny too; what’s more it is in rhyme, making this great book even greater for the younger ones.
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