Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!


Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!‘ Don’t call me Incie Wincie Cupcake or any other title that embarrasses me in front of all the other dogs. Don’t you realise that I’m laughed at? When you pick me up, kiss me, fuss and place me into your handbag I become a laughing stock! I’m an ordinary dog, who longs to run about, bark, get muddy and do ‘proper dog things’.

Is it possible that a ‘Mini-Puppy- Treat-eating-Choochie-Pooh in a handbag‘ might ever be allowed to play with Bandit and Rusty or Chief?

‘Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!‘ is warm, funny and wonderfully descriptive. Kate Hindley’s detailed, rich pictures marry beautifully with the story, feelings and message. What a picture book triumph!


Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!

Sean Taylor and Kate Hindley

(Walker Books)

I’m an ordinary dog, not a frizzly, frazzle, daft dog, so why can’t you treat me as such? Furthermore, what’s with the Mini Puppy Treats, the handbag? Can’t you see that I’m embarrassed. Then, there’s the name calling…. ‘Ickle Pickle Woof Woof’ and ‘Incy windy Cupcake’! I ask you! ‘Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!’
Sean Taylor is a wonderful picture book storyteller whose titles such as Kiss the Crocodile and I Want to Be in a Scary Story we delight. The delight is doubled in this title, where the interweaving of embarrassment, humour, adventure and empathy are emphasised by Kate Hindley’s descriptive, colour rich, elongated pictures.


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