Don’t Call Me Grumpycorn


Don’t Call Me Grumpycorn is the further adventures of our fabulous unicorn and his friends narwhal, jellyfish and mermaid.  This time they take off in their shiny new space rocket to find a totally fabulous planet to land on to make new friends. Unicorn has a few grumpy moments when his friends suggest which planets they should land on, but he soon spots the perfect planet.

When they arrive, the planet is full of other fabulous unicorns and Grumpycorn is tempted to stay there forever.  Will he forsake his friends or be reminded that our best friends also know us best?

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Don’t Call Me Grumpycorn

Sarah McIntyre


In Don’t Call Me Grumpycorn, Unicorn is heading into space in his new, space rocket with his friends Narwhal, Mermaid and Jellyfish. He is determined to land on only the most fabulous of planets. When his pals offer suggestions about where they should land, he accuses them of being ‘backseat drivers’.  When Jellyfish then calls him Grumpycorn, Unicorn does get annoyed.
Matters don’t improve when Unicorn decides to land on a planet he considers to be fabulous enough.  Of course, he insists on being the first to climb down from the rocket. Sure enough, our friends discover that the planet is indeed full of fabulous unicorns.  This poses Unicorn with something of a dilemma.  There then follows a test of character whether he will decide to stay with the other (fabulous) unicorns or return with his real friends.   Will he be Unicorn or Grumpycorn?
This is a lovely, cheerful story about friendship and tolerance.  It is also very funny and recognises that sometimes we can all get a little grumpy when things don’t quite go our way.  We are also reminded that our best friends are the ones that appreciate us most and our differences.
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