Don’t Wake Up Tiger!


Maybe we could blow the balloon the Frog’s using to float over sleeping Tiger. After all, it’s really important that we Don’t Wake Up Tiger! Thereafter, if Frog’s balloon is a little slow to follow, maybe we could ‘swoosh‘ it. Then again, as Fox is heavier, we’ll need to ‘Pffft! Pfft! Pfft!‘ as hard as we can to make sure that Fox passes carefully. We mustn’t awaken Tiger?

What about Tortoise? What  if Tiger’s showing signs of waking up? Should we stroke Tiger’s tummy so that he’s nice and eased? However, it’s going to be tricky if Mouse lets go of the balloon! Oh no! Then again, Stork? Stork’s beak? A balloon?

There’s a lot of drama in this step-by-step action title for our very young readers. We watch as each Fox, Frog, Tortoise and Mouse and Stork make their way gingerly past sleeping Tiger. Then again, we help too! Yet, what happens if Tiger awakens? Might there be a surprise of a different kind for us, and Tiger?

Alongside this lovely story, we’ve vivid pictures full of character and expression that seem to follow the narrative of events. Bookwagon loves and recommends Don’t Wake Up Tiger! 

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Don’t Wake Up Tiger!

Britta Teckentrup

(Nosy Crow)

Shhh! [Tiger’s] fast asleep and we mustn’t wake her up.‘ However, it seems that each of the animals needs to get past her. Help! Don’t Wake Up Tiger!
Is it possible that a balloon might help? For example, what if Frog was to float over Tiger’s sleeping body. Maybe we could ‘swoosh!’ the balloon along so that Frog makes a safe landing! Then again, we’d need to ‘blow as hard as [we] can’ in order to make sure that Fox passes over safely. After all, Fox is heavier than Frog. However, what about Tortoise, or Mouse and then Stork? Everyone must be so very careful!
Britta Teckentrup takes a gentle, stealthy pace as we step carefully through this wonderful story for very young readers. Not only are we following the path of five characters who need to get past Tiger’s sleeping form, but then we’re having to help too. In fact there’s a lot of action called for! Then again, the board pages are crips and strong, ripe with bold colours and movement. We’re reminded of Tickle My Ears and the other titles within the classic Little Rabbit series. Altogether, Bookwagon suggests that Don’t Wake Up Tiger! is a superb choice for any new reader to enjoy!


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