Don’t Worry, Little Crab


Don’t Worry, Little Crab’ reassures Very Big Crab. They are travelling from their little rockpool to the big sea. Tic-a-tac, tic-a-tac, splash, splash, squelch! Little Crab thinks their adventure is going to be ‘so great’.

Yet over the rocks and at the sea edge, the enormity of the ocean becomes a reality. ‘Whoosh!‘ Each small step draws the pair closer and closer to the rush and infinity of the unknown depths of water. Whoosh!Don’t Worry, Little Crab.’

What happens when the growing size and proximity of waves becomes so much that the pair have no option but to take a leap? What will they do? What will they discover? Will Very Big Crab stay with Little Crab?

For anyone of any size taking a leap or making a change, ‘Don’t Worry, Little Crab’ is resonant. Chris Haughton is a superior picture book maker in that he realises our feelings and experiences, as in Oh No, George! with few words and bold, clear- eyed, glorious pictures.

Bookwagon is so happy to add ‘Don’t Worry, Little Crab’ to its Chris Haughton collection. What a brilliant picture book!


Don’t Worry, Little Crab

Chris Haughton

(Walker Books)

‘WHOOSH!‘ The waves get bigger and bigger. Little Crab is having second thoughts, ‘I don’t think I like the sea‘. Very Big Crab reassures, ‘Don’t Worry, Little Crab’. They take one step, then another along the rocks, edging closer and closer into the waves. Little Crab feels the water. Little Crab watches the waves grow, edging closer, until….
Award-winning picture book maker Chris Haughton builds suspense perfectly. The text is sparse and repetitive, yet the tension in his words and through his empathetic lithograph pictures is tangible. What will happen? Will Little Crab enter the water? What will happen at that point, for this is a Little Crab and the ocean is huge. Will Very Big Crab prove loyal? What might they discover?
Chris Haughton’s Shh! We Have a Plan is amongst this indie bookseller’s favourite picture books. We are overjoyed to welcome another of his picture books aboard. ‘Don’t Worry, Little Crab‘ is an assured, encouraging title to add to our wagon and your bookshelf.


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