Donut Feed the Squirrels


How can Norma and Belly get into the donut van? The tempting sugary smell is driving them crazy. However a polite appeal to the food van driver results in a dandelion spritzer! It seems they need help and a plan…

Could they encourage Gramps out of retirement? Then again, what about calling on the other squirrels in the area with promises of donuts to share? Then again, who might drive the getaway car? Furthermore, what about diverting the van driver with some chestnuts? There are a lot about the woods and they could prove useful.

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Norma and Belly’s debut, Donut Feed the Squirrels, aboard. With its deft graphics and broad perspectives and action sequences, we’re immersed in this quest for food. Can Norma and Belly cause the sort of scene that might result with them indulging in this delicious donut-y treat, or might it all end up in a puff of sticky smoke?

Bookwagon recommends Donut Feed the Squirrels to all readers, especially those who are growing in confidence and commitment.

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Donut Feed the Squirrels

Mika Song

(Pushkin Children’s)

It seems that Norma and Belly have a problem when Norma burns the pancakes. However, Belly’s determined to give them a try, or at least reassign them as pancakes. Then again, what if the smell of ‘crispy sugar, oil, and  a hint of linden flowers’distracts this squirrel pair?  It seems there’s a food van pulled up alongside them that’s offering donuts…. Yet, how to grab a bite? Could a friendly visit prove the key? Or might it end in a frizzy disaster?
Mika Song opens her Norma and Belly series with this warm, funny and clever title. It seems that every squirrel on the block is interested in securing donuts. In fact, even Gramps, who claims he’s retired, is in on the action. However, Little Bee as a getaway driver? Then again, what about the addition of chestnuts to this tempting recipe?
Bookwagon loves the tone of Donut Feed the Squirrels. It’s encouraging, friendly and very funny. Then again, the graphics are fluent and deft, with really satisfying changes of setting and perspective. We recommend Donut Feed the Squirrels to all readers, especially those gaining confidence and momentum. This is a great addition to Bookwagon‘s graphic novel section, to sit alongside favourite titles including Peanut, Butter & Crackers: Puppy Problems


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