Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise


Dot’s class is studying ancient Egypt. They’ve a dress up day and a visit to a museum to look forward to. There’s Mr D’s birthday, too! It’s only a week before Dot’s. What plans has Dot’s mother for Dot’s party? She’s not telling. Then there’s a mystery at school; where has the carefully prepared birthday card for Mr D got to? Why does new boy, Bradley, with whom Beans seems to have taken up, insist that he can find the card ahead of Dot?

More lively, positive pandemonium from Dotty Detective, Beans and McClusky, in ‘The Birthday Surprise‘, the fifth title of this appealing series. We recommend the Dotty Detective books for readers newer to chapter books. Clara Vulliamy’s aside, anecdotal notes, drawings and maps are delightful and underpin the joy of reading her splendid series.


Dotty Detective The Birthday Surprise

Clara Vulliamy

(Harper Collins)

There are only two weeks until Dot’s birthday! Mum’s not sharing plans for Dot’s birthday party and Dot is driven mad by the clues- thread, gold card, a covered shape… Then there’s Egyptian dress up day to look forward to, also! It’s all going on with Dot, but that’s the way she, and we, like it. This is the latest, fifth, title in a vivacious, warm series for newer chapter book readers.


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