Dotty Detective The Paw Print Puzzle


Clara Vulliamy’s lively detective, Dot, returns with a new mystery to solve. Trusty sidekick McClusky is a great, paw patrolling help, while Beans has a wealth of inventions and ideas in the hunt for clues. Meanwhile, the twins are behaving furtively. More vegetables anyone?

Bookwagon loves the interplay of direct, positive text alongside supportive pencil sketches and collage. These build the reading pace and connection for the newer readers to whom we recommend, ‘Dotty Detective The Paw Print Puzzle‘.


Dotty Detective

The Paw Print Puzzle

Clara Vulliamy

(Harper Collins)

Dotty, sidekick McClusky and best friend Beans return with a fresh, ghostly, celery crunching mystery. Can rear view glasses and a dose of ‘Fred Fantastic’ TV Detective wisdom help the duo with this, their second mystery? This is such a lively, appealing series. Bookwagon recommends ‘Dotty Detective‘ to readers aged from 6 or 7 years of age.


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