Dotty Detective


Readers know they’re in capable hands when they’re reading a Clara Vulliamy story. ‘Dotty Detective‘ lives up to that truth. The winning titular heroine puts the best spin on things; her sparkly shoes help, as does the ready assistance of Top Dog McClusky. Moving house and starting a new school are not easy, but Dot is positive and resourceful. From word searches to peas and rice, she puts a fresh spin on each day. She follows the maxim of her favourite television detective ‘Fred Fantastic’ and forms a fast friendship with Beans, when they discover this shared enthusiasm.

We love this bright and bustling title. Clara Vulliamy’s text is accessible, while the directions, clues, maps and sketches endorse the happy message  of the book. Bookwagon recommends ‘Dotty Detective‘ to readers aged from 6 or 7 years of age.


Dotty Detective

Super Secret Agent

Clara Vulliamy

(Harper Collins)

Dot’s moved home and school. She’s adjusting to her new bedroom which she can’t enter easily because of the packing crates,. She is getting used to Oakfield School, making friends with Beans and looking forward to the talent show. Yet, something isn’t quite right, and Dot and Beans, alongside best dog, McClusky, are determined to sniff out the problem!

This pacy, positive adventure story, peppered with enticing sketches, clues and illustrations is superb. Bookwagon recommends ‘Dotty Detective‘ to newer readers aged from 6 or 7 years old.


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