Down the Back of the Chair


‘Nothing but dockets in his pockets’ poor Dad is in despair! Mary comes to the rescue, ‘Dad should do what I would do/ I lose a lot but find a few- down the back of the chair.’

What Dad finds, in this rollicking, rhyming book defies belief! A bandicoot and a bumblebee? A cake, a drake, a smiling snake? A skink, a skunk, a skate, a ski? It’s all there!

Margaret Mahy was one of the foremost writers of her age, a rhyme maker, imagine creator supreme! We are proud to bring ‘Down the Back of the Chair‘ so winningly written and enticingly illustrated by Polly Dunbar, to our Bookwagon readers. What will you find, ‘Down the Back of the Chair’?


Down the Back of the Chair

Margaret Mahy and Polly Dunbar

(Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

‘This morning is a blue one’… until Dad, in desperation, takes up Mary’s suggestion to look ‘down the back of the chair.’ What will he find? What WON’T he find? This is a rhyming fiasco of delight! We urge you to try, ‘Down the Back of the Chair’. We recommend it to readers aged from 3 or 4 years of age.


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