Dracula Spectacular


What are Mr and Mrs Dracula to do with their beloved son? Dracula Boy loves flying about at night, but his pleasure is not in the potential to frighten, but the opportunity to explore neighbourhood children’s wardrobes! His parents urge him, ‘No Son, you must stop this tonight!/ Go back to the town and give someone a fright!’ Dracula Boy arrives at Rose’s window to discover her crying. Yet it’s not his vampiric threat that’s terrifies her…. it’s the dark! Can Rose and Dracula Boy help each other? What about his parents? Will they accept that their son is ‘Dracula Spectacular’.

There is much to be read in ‘Dracula Spectacular‘ beyond the rhyming, descriptive text, original setting, endearing characters and captivating, colour rich pictures. There is a thoughtful message of tolerance that young children and older readers will recognise.

Bookwagon admires Lucy Rowland’s picture books. We are delighted to introduce our readers to ‘Dracula Spectacular’. 

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mDracula Spectacular

Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle

(Pan Macmillan)

How dreary! How dreadful! What a wonderful life!’ Mr and Mrs Dracula’s joy expands with the arrival of their son. However Dracula Boy confounds them with his love of teddy tea parties and glitter. Therefore, he’s directed to refrain from admiring the clothing in neighbourhood children’s wardrobes for it’s time to frighten!
Armed with this challenge, ‘Dracula Spectacular‘ enters Rose’s window. Why is she crying? Could it be the terrifying approach of Dracula Boy, or might there be another reason? How might these two help each other? Would it be possible for Dracula Boy’s parents ever to appreciate their son’s individuality? Readers want him to be happy and appreciated yet he’s a vampire!
Lucy Rowland is a skilful picture book maker of titles such as Little Red Reading Hood. It is a pleasure to welcome ‘Dracula Spectacular’ aboard.



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