Dragon Daughter

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There is something that draws Milla to the silken bag. She tends its contents, knowing what to do instinctively. One of the eggs she discovers in the bag feels more connected to her than the others. When she realises she is tending dragons, long thought to have been banished from Arcosi, her status changes. She is no longer a servant within the Norlander family, but ‘Dragon Daughter‘ with a special role.

Danger lurks in every corner of Arcosi. Residents like Milla, Sartolan in origin, are considered lowlier than Norlanders. Yet the Sartolans are linked to the dragons of legend, who sought the spring water of Arcosi. What does the return of dragons mean? There are verses and ancient instructions. The Duke of Olvar is desperate to nurture and own the dragons. The four eggs are like jewels. Suddenly four children, including his son, to whom the dragons become attached, are charged with their care, a most precious task.

The dragons, the Duke, Milla and the Sartolans are restless and uneasy. This is a troubled time in Arcosi. What can the dragons teach Milla about her past and her family? What will be revealed about her future and that of the island? ‘Dragon Daughter‘ is a thrilling, confident fantasy story, with a convincing heroine and bold, dragon daring feats and adventure.

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Dragon Daughter

Liz Flanagan

(David Fickling Books)

Milla sees a messenger hide a mysterious silken bag in a tree closes to where she is hiding. A little later, she is the witness to that messenger’s murder. What is in the bag? What will become of its contents? The stranger was killed, but why and by whom? Milla has little time to assess either the danger of what she’s seen or the bag she takes from the scene. All she knows is that she is drawn to its contents- four perfectly, pulsating, spherical eggs. Is Milla on the brink of discovering her destiny? Could Milla be a ‘Dragon Daughter’? 


1 review for Dragon Daughter

  1. Ollie Dickson

    This book is AMAZING! I recommend it to anybody with the love of dragons!

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