Dragon Post


What would you suggest Alex does? When he finds a dragon, he has his work cut out. What should he do in the case of fires? How can he make sure his dragon is not too noisy and upsets the neighbour? What do dragons eat? How can he make sure his dragon does not grow outside of his house?

Alex makes a certain decision. He will write ‘Dragon Post‘ and seek out the best answers. In ‘Jolly Postman’ fashion, he receives letters from the authorities, from the Fire Brigade to Animal Welfare, to help him on his way.

‘Dragon Post‘ is a beautiful, satisfying picture book. It is a ‘forever’ title, destined to be read, reread and cherished by readers over time.


Dragon Post

Emma Yarlett

(Walker)- hardback

What do you do when you find a dragon? That’s Alex’s problem. He does the obvious thing, and writes away for help. ‘Dragon Post‘ offers five replies to Alex’s increasingly desperate plight. Who can help? What would you do? For fans of the classic ‘Jolly Postman’ series, ‘Dragon Post’ is a beautiful, fulfilling, letter-filled ‘forever’ book we love!



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