Dragon Storm 2: Cara and Silverthief


Dragon Storm 2: Cara and Silverthief is the second instalment of the excellent new fantasy series from Alastair Chisholm. This features once again the apprentice dragonseers that make up the Guild, training to become the dragon masters of the future and helping to re-establish the great human-dragon partnerships of the past.  These relationships brought great benefit to society, but no-one knows why they had retreated from influence following the mysterious Dragon Storm of yesteryear.

Cara is the latest to be inducted into the Guild, where she is united with her dragon – Silverthief.  She discovers that Silverthief has provided the guiding voice that she has always had in her head.  Cara has been homeless for most of her life, living on the streets.  This makes her naturally mistrustful of people and she is reluctant to fully engage with the other apprentices in the Guild.  She will have to however, because a chance discovery throws her, her colleagues and dragons into the most mortal danger.

This is a super, action-packed and exciting adventure that also has much to say about the importance of friends, and teamwork.

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Dragon Storm 2: Cara and Silverthief

Alastair Chisholm, illustrations by Ben Mantle

(Nosy Crow)

Dragon Storm 2: Cara and Silverthief is the second book in this thrilling, action-packed fantasy series by Alastair Chisholm.
In the land of Draconis, there are no dragons. At one time, there were. Then, humans and dragons were friends.  Together they created the great city of Rivven together. All this came to an end following the great Dragon Storm, and the dragons mysteriously retreated from the world of humans. To the people of the kingdom of Draconis, the dragons became legends and myths.
Cara has been forced to spend her life on the streets, where she has relied on her wits.  She has always been helped by a mysterious voice in her head that has provided advice, confidence and reassurance.  Having broken into the king’s palace, in search of a fabled jewel, she is apprehended by Malik, once of the king’s advisers.  But instead of her ending up in incarceration, she gets the opportunity to join the Guild – a training academy for dragonseers.  Cara is amazed to learn that the voice in her head actually belongs to a dragon – her dragon – Silverthief.  Cara, however, is not used to having friends, and so when she and her dragon Silverthief uncover a dangerous secret, they must decide who they can trust… and their lives will depend on it.
The first in the Dragon Storm series is also available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.


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