Dragon Storm 3: Ellis and Pathseeker


Dragon Storm 3: Ellis and Pathseeker is the third in the terrific new series from Alastair Chisholm.  In the kingdom of Rivven, dragons are forbidden. But young Ellis and his dragon Pathseeker are part of a secret league of dragonseers known as the Guild! Ellis is eager to win Rivven’s tournament of mazes, so he enters the race. But there’s something wrong with the maze and it’s connected to a mysterious girl using dangerous dragon magic! Now, Ellis and Pathseeker face a far greater challenge. Can they stop the mysterious girl from destroying the maze? And can they do it without revealing the secrets of the Guild?

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Dragon Storm 3: Ellis and Pathseeker

Alastair Chisholm, illustrated by Ben Mantle.

(Nosy Crow)

Dragon Storm 3: Ellis and Pathseeker is the third in the super series by Alastair Chisholm, with imaginative illustrations by Ben Mantle.
Ellis is one of the secret dragonseers, children who have a special affinity with dragons.  He and his friends attend the Guild – a training academy for their secret partnerships with dragon partners.  The people of the village where they all live have been told that dragons do not exist, so their lives have to remain clandestine.
Rivven, the village where they live is holding its annual maze festival.  Moreover, Ellis, one of the dragonseers, is obsessive about maps and mazes and has been looking forward to the festival for ages.  Furthermore, he intends to pit his wits against the maze makers and win the festival prize.  His dragon partner Pathseeker will help too, but only by communicating telepathically, for the dragon’s existence must be kept secret.
Ellis enters the huge maze and is making good progress, until something extraordinary happens.  He encounters a mysterious girl is a grey cloak inside the maze.  She seems able to disappear, literally, into the maze.  Pathseeker is just as baffled about the girl’s o powers and who she is.  Ellis fails in navigating the maze, but is drawn back in by the mystery of the girl.  The girl, it transpires, is able to command dragons using ancient powers.
This continues the terrific series by Alastair Chisholm.  The series is available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.  Check out Dragon Storm; Tamas and Ironskin.  Readers might also want to check out Dragon Mountain or The Girl With the Dragon Heart.


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