Dragon Storm: Tomas and Ironskin


Tomas is happy learning to be a blacksmith, like his father.  He lives in a kingdom where dragons once reigned supreme, until they all mysteriously disappeared.  For Tomas, he has never seen a dragon and always assumed they don’t exist.  Understandably, when a stranger invites him to join a secret society and tells Tom he has very special powers, he is sceptical, although intrigued.

He finds himself at the Guild, a training school for dragonseers, for Tomas has the power to summon dragons!  He has to make a huge choice between the life he has left behind and the entrancing future as a dragon master.  Firstly, however, he has to establish a rapport and partnership with Ironskin, the powerful dragon he is able to summon into life.  They must learn to trust each other, because very soon they will be needed to help save their kingdom from a very deadly threat – one that puts his parents’ lives in peril!


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Dragon Storm: Tomas and Ironskin

Alastair Chisholm, illustrated by Ben Mantle

(Nosy Crow)

Dragon Storm: Tomas and Ironskin is the first in a super new series by Alastair Chisholm, with imaginative illustrations by Ben Mantle.
Tom works with his father, a blacksmith, at the smithy.  He has become particularly adept at forging dragonswords, a skill that has been noticed by a mysterious stranger. Tom has never known that dragons were real. He lives in a land where they were once dominant, until they mysteriously disappeared.
One day, he is invited by the stranger to the Guild – a training ground that Tom discovers to his amazement is for young dragonseers. He is astonished to be told that he has the opportunity to become once of those dragonseers.  Now he and his dragon, Ironskin, must bond, discover Ironskin’s power, and train to be heroes. When Ironskin disappears, Tom worries that he isn’t a dragonseer after all. Can Tom bring Ironskin back? And can he do it in time to help his kingdom?  The trust between human and dragon is vitally important; can this partnership be forged in time to save their home from a deadly threat?
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