Callie is full of ideas for the props she’ll make for the school production. A canon is her major idea, and becomes an Achilles’ heel to her preparations. Along the way there’s a boy she likes, his unlikeable girlfriend who’s ideal as a leading lady, longstanding friends with their own pressures, and two newcomers. They combine to bring drama and upheaval to Callie’s life and sensibility.

Drama‘ is a realistic, approachable and knowing book. Raina Telgemeier is able to get inside Callie’s head, with all its hopes, dreams, aspirations and fears. We like Callie for her enthusiasm, honesty and loyal support of friends. All characters are learning about themselves and each other.

There are themes of adolescent sexuality in ‘Drama‘. However, it’s more the general ebb and flow of the pace and issues that make this better suited to teenage readers.



Raina Telgemeier

(Scholastic)- graphic novel

We join Callie and her friends through their season as stage crew for the school production. There’s drama and discovery onstage, below stage and backstage, as Callie negotiates friendships, romance, stage notes and a canon! ‘Drama‘ is a really enjoyable, relevant book, appropriate to young teen readers.

Stonewall Book Honor Award.


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