Drawn Together


Can a grandson and grandfather be ‘Drawn Together’? There appears to be nothing in common. The grandfather is elderly and has a different culture, different language. He tries with his grandson- food, television, until the boy gives up. He brings out his sketch book and pens.

What erupts at this point is magnificent. A kaleidoscope of wonder, dragons, battles and magic. Their imaginations are ripe with their different cultural experiences. They are ‘Drawn Together’ through their love of drawing and ability to create.

Minh Lê and Dan Santat have created a glorious picture book. It stirs the heart, the memories and imagination.


Drawn Together

Minh Lê and Dan Santat

(Disney Hyperion)– hardback

How can you communicate if you’ve nothing in common? Language? Food? Television? Is it best to give up and draw? Can you be ‘Drawn Together’? We join a visit by a boy to his grandfather. Neither has hopes for a positive time. What can they find to enjoy together? The grandfather has another language, he’s elderly. Surely there’s nothing that unites him with his grandson?

The Making of Drawn Together by Minh Lê and Dan Santat

Awards won include:- 2019 Asian/ Pacific American Award for Literature- Picture Book; Association for Library Service for Children Notable Books; Frostburg State Children’s Centre Award Picture Book; Southern California Independent Booksellers’ Best Picture Book of the Year; 2019 Charlotte Huck Award; CHHIBBER Medal for Best Picture Book; International Literacy Association Global Picture Book Award


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