Dream On Amber


Amber is Ambra Miyomoto. Her name is challenging enough, but Amber is overwhelmed by more than this. Her father’s been absent for nearly six years. Suddenly, Bella, her little sister, is insisting on writing to him, inviting him to her birthday party. What is a big sister to do?

Then there’s her new school. Amber knows she’ll be the smallest there. She is sure to be the only one with a  phone from the Stone Age. How can she make friends? Nobody else will have dreams and schemes like Amber does. Certainly not Joanne in Amber’s dreaded ‘Inward Reach’ class. Amber is determined to stay out of her way. Just the thought of her makes Amber reach for her antiseptic hand gel.

Who can help Amber? She wishes there was a superhero. Maybe she could draw one, invent one…. ‘Dream On Amber’. 

For any reader who loves ‘real life’ stories about ‘real life’ characters, apropos of Caz Lester Do You Speak Chocolate? please look to Emma Shevah. ‘Dream On Amber‘ is a really satisfying, meaningful story with such an endearing character and sympathetic situation. I read this book in one, desperate go. I suggest your reader will too!

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Dream On Amber

Emma Shevah

(Chicken House)

Amber (Ambra Miyamoto)has a lot going on. Somehow, her father’s absence is hurting more than ever. It might be to do with Bella’s letters. It could be starting a new school. Maybe it’s being so small in comparison to her peers. There’s her embarrassing phone too. Whatever. Amber has big dreams, into which steps a hero.
Dream On Amber‘ is the story for every person ever stuck, fearful and feeling out of step.


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