Dreaming the Bear


Darcy and her family have moved to the wonder and wildness of Yellowstone Park. Within this alien environment, Darcy grows weaker, seeking respite in sleeping, moving out of her body until… she finds a wounded bear.

As the bear and Darcy find unexpected comfort in each other from their individual wounds, so we, the reader, are drawn into their experiences, fears and feelings.

This is a mighty book. Mimi Thebo has researched exactingly, so that we experience the cold isolation, the wilderness, the death ache of the mother bear, and Darcy’s breathless frustrations.

Bookwagon recommends this story unequivocally to real readers who love stories in which the emotion and experience really matter.


Dreaming the Bear

A girl alone. A wounded bear.

A bond to last forever.

Mimi Thebo

(Oxford University Press)

‘Dreaming the Bear‘ is a wonderful book for real readers, who thrive on stories of wilderness, possibilities, strength and beauty. We recommend ‘Dreaming the Bear’ to readers looking for a story in which to lose themselves.


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