Dress Like a Girl


What does it mean to ‘Dress Like a Girl‘? Patricia Toht, acclaimed poet of All Aboard the London Bus, and other Bookwagon beloved works, contemplates where and how we should ‘dress like a girl’ in ‘this big wide world.’

Could it be when we soar in a rocket ship through outer space, or lead an orchestra? Perhaps it’s bold colours worn by the emergency services?

Girls wear safari tones and patterns when exploring. They’d need to have deep pockets there, and when they’re working in medicine and research too.

Special clothing is required in any marine profession, and again, when exploring the poles.

So, what does it mean to ‘Dress Like a Girl‘? Our selected interest or profession? Other people? Or our own preferences? Patricia Toht offers wise, reasoned and inspiring advice in this beautifully pitched and paced rhyming picture book. Lorian Tu-Dean’s positive, white framed pictures emphasise the message to ‘every girl’, and/or every person, to ‘make your own rules/ in this big wide world’.

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Dress Like a Girl

Written by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Lorian Tu-Dean

(HarperCollins)– hardback

Everyone knows that whatever the weather, we need to be prepared! Furthermore, we need to be prepared in the right way! Are you ready for the advice you need? How to ‘Dress Like a Girl’? On hot summer days… on land or at sea, or in space? Possibly, you’re considering a play or a symphony where a black gown that ‘will drape down quite elegantly‘ will be the best choice. For the reason that subtle works best in many situations, especially safari, go easy on the patterns.
Above all, this wonderful rhyming picture book suggests, take risks, be ready for anything, realise your potential and be who you truly are without limits. ‘Dress Like a Girl’ whatever that may be!


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