Drew, Moo and Bunny, too


Pirate Captain Jacqueline (Jack) has a collection of ‘jewel-bright‘ treasures from across the world taken and stored deep in her ship. However what might she take from Drew, Moo and Bunny, too? After all, although she seems to rescue the trio from the ‘rollicking‘ sea, ‘taking is what [they] do’.

What if Captain Jack’s eyes alight on the trio’s rug of red? After all isn’t this a ‘one- in- a million, the needle- in-the-haystack/, the one-of -a-kind, the joker -in-the-pack,/ the almost-but-not-quite/-impossible to find’ sort of thing that this pirate crew take?  Then again, might this ‘flying rug‘ be a ‘truly rare and special addition/ to their wondrous, travelling treasure collection‘? However, it’s Drew’s and Bunny’s and Moo’s, too! It’s ‘their way back home,/ their past, their future, their safety’...

Bookwagon suggests that Drew, Moo and Bunny, too is an essential bedtime reading experience. Owen Sheers’ lyrical language is perfect for nighttime adventurers, while Helen Stephens’ illustrations are deep with the feelings of imagining and sleep. Then again, the friendship and magic within this story are so beautiful.

Bookwagon recommends this picture book as a treasure, a story for families to keep, recall, recite and know well.

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Drew, Moo and Bunny, too

Owen Sheers, illustrated by Helen Stephens

(Walker Books)

There once, in a bedroom, in the middle of a house/ in the middle of a village/ in the middle of Wales, lived a boy named…. We are introduced to the magic nighttime adventures of Drew, Moo and Bunny, too. 
It seems that these three, ‘by night, the three of them, on that rug of red,/ holding hands, closing eyes,/-  these three,/ they flew’. Thereafter, we join on them on an adventure aboard their ‘rug of red’. They travel to ‘night time shores,/ Midnight towns./ Moonlit isles./ Starlit seas.‘ It seems these are places that might ‘only be reached/ with a hand in a  paw in a hoof in a hand’.  
So what if they choose to travel in different directions? Then again, what if they travel too close to the sea? Furthermore, could it be that they might fall into the ‘enormous, / deep,/ unknowable sea’? It seems they’ve more to face, yet! In fact, it might be that there’s a pirate, with a pirate Captain, Jack. What’s more, this captain and her crew are charged with ‘taking’ for ‘it’s what [they] do‘. It seemsthey’ve their eyes on the trio’s ‘rug of red’!
Alongside Owen Sheers’ magical, lyrical story, just perfect for bedtime, we’ve night rich pictures, from Helen Stephens. In fact, this picture book puts this Bookwagon reader in mind of Eugene Field’s classic Wynken, Blynken and Nod.
Bookwagon adores this beautiful picture book story and suggests it is a selection for homes that will be treasured. We recommend Drew, Moo and Bunny, too. 


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