Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends


‘Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends’ but that’s not what Betty and Maud see. They believe their favourite toys love each other. ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss,’ says Maud.

When Betty and Maud have a play date, Betty pushes Maud on the swing, but Duck pushes Penguin OFF the swing! The toys throw sand in the sandpit. They throw eggs when Betty and Maud are baking.

Do Betty and Maud see their favourite toys’ misbehaviour? Can they guess what’s really happening? Could they mend the situation so that Betty and Maud really DO love each other?

I love the big white space pages, and the bold images. The sequences of Duck and Penguin’s egg attacks, for example, are so funny. The bright images marry perfectly with the cheery unawareness and focus on play.

Bookwagon is delighted to recommend ‘Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends‘ to its youngest readers. This title will (egg) crack you up!

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Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends

Julia Woolf

(Andersen Press)

Betty and Maud are best friends. Duck and Penguin are their favourite toys. ‘Look, they love each other!’ say Betty and Maud about Duck and Penguin. They could not be more wrong. ‘Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends’. They push each other off the swing, throw sand and paint and eggs at each other! Will Betty and Maud learn the truth? Furthermore, how will Duck and Penguin learn to tolerate each other?
It seems clear that Betty and Maud are meant to be together? Thereafter, what might the two do to each other? Could there be more adventures ahead? Check out Duck & Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers when the challenges grow ever more testing!


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