Horse, Cow, Sheep and Pig are not happy with Duck. Why does he persist in disrupting their quiet afternoon with his raucous cry of ‘Duck!‘ They remind him that none of them, superior farm animals, are ducks. Why Horse is ‘noble and tall’, while Cow has ‘fine, cloven hooves‘. What’s more Duck has a ‘poky little beak’ while Pig has a ‘fine pink snout’ and Sheep has a ‘fine woolly coat’. Why, they have ‘nothing in common with‘ Duck. They round on him angrily, ‘You are the RUDEST Duck we’ve ever met.’

Yet, could there be something more in Duck’s call? Yes, it’s ‘a quiet afternoon’ on the farm and the animals are chewing and swishing, wallowing and sheeping. However, there’s something really urgent in Duck’s call and actions. Could there be…

There is drama and inference galore in Meg McKinlay’s text, alongside  lush farm descriptions and attitude- laden animal responses. They fit perfectly, rather Donald Duck like in truth, with the bold, beautiful compared illustrations of Nathaniel Eckstrom.

Bookwagon looks forward to sharing this with younger audiences, and seeing it shared and enjoyed too.

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Meg McKinlay, illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom

(Walker Books)

Duck! The ‘quiet afternoon on the farm’ with swishing horse tails and cud chewing cows, is disturbed by shouting! What is going on? Horse reminds his alarmed feathered friend that while he is ‘small and waddly’,  Horse is ‘noble and tall‘. Thereafter, when Cow tells the small and waddly animal with ‘funny webbed feet’, that she, in fact, has ‘fine cloven hooves’. Can the bird with ‘funny webbed feet’ penetrate Pig’s ‘fine pink snout’ through his call? It seems not!
Sheep lays out all the animal categories for Duck, ‘Are you even listening? You are a duck and he is a horse and she is a cow and he is a pig and I am a sheep…’ By this stage, readers will be bursting with curiosity and frustration! Listen to the fine feathered farm bird! What will make all the animals pay attention, for….
Duck! joins other funny farm centred picture books such as Brenda is a Sheep and Baabwaa & Wooliam though it’s message is quite different. What’s more this uproarious title is bound to result in loud joining in and actions! Pay attention, for you never know when you may need to…




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