Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Oceans


There are 28,000 plastic ducks within the container that leaves China, bound for Washington State, North America. Yet severe storms knock the container overboard, setting the ducks free. They ride the currents like so much other plastic debris. We see plastic caught within marine life feeding, or snares within their journeys. There are plastic ducks within The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s largest rubbish dump, ‘estimated to be double the size of Texas’. Thereafter, many travel further along the currents, to be trapped in Arctic ice, or washed upon beaches in Japan.

Markus Motum’s story is a journey, a history, but also an environmental warning. His research offers that we have created more plastic since 2004, than in the whole of the twentieth century. Thereafter, it is a vote for hope, of our awareness of  the dangers and legacy of plastic upon our planet Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Oceans is a stark and fascinating story of our lifestyles and the life of our planet.

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Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Oceans

Markus Motum

(Walker Books)

Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Oceans opens in a factory in China in 1992. One of the thousands of plastic ducks created and packed into a container ‘destined for Washington State, America’.narrates our story.  However, the giant storm that ‘caught the ship’ by surprise knocked the container overboard.
Some 28,000 plastic ducks were ‘stranded in the Pacific Ocean’. It seems they were flotsam, ‘surrounded everywhere by the blue ocean and the life in it’. Our plastic duck describes how the ducks were caught by currents. Species of every variety and the world’s litter passed them by. The waste was huge and various, from plastic bags to fishing nets. Furthermore we see its harsh effects upon ocean life. Thereafter, our duck explains the journeys of other ducks and the reasons for their differences. For example, some ducks became stuck in the Arctic ice, while others reached Japan. Could there be any hope that these ducks might escape The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ?
Rather like his non-fiction picture book,  Curiosity, describing the development of the Mars Rover, Markus Motum offers a history, geography and science lesson through this fascinating, chilling story. The full impact of the story of the plastic ducks, alongside so many other lost containers and debris, is brought to stark life in this story. Furthermore, the expanse of the journeys and the impact of plastic within our planet’s presence is presented definitively.
Ducks Overboard! A True Story of Plastic in Our Ocean is an accessible, conscience call to all readers. Though it offers hope and action, it also projects a stark warning of what is happening now.


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