Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest


Dulcinea does not intend to break the promise she made to her father. Although nobody has seen the witch who lives deep within the forest behind undergrowth, vines and a moat, they know she’s there. Therefore, Dulcinea agrees to stay clear. However, when a lack of blueberries for Dulcinea’s birthday pancakes prompts her father to venture into the forest, he meets the witch. What’s more, although she cannot recall her spells, the witch is carrying her spell book and…

Is it possible that Dulcinea can travel through the dense and knotty forest to find the witch? What’s more, can she overcome the ‘howling and yowling‘ the witch is making as she plays her organ and sings? What bright idea might Dulcinea have to retrieve the witch’s spell book. After all, she’ll need this if she’s to reverse the spell placed on her father. Then again, without the spell book, the witch can do no further damage!

We enjoy Dulcinea’s clever plotting and the ridiculous, exaggerated pictures that help tell this ingenious, crafty and very funny fairy tale. Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest is a triumph, ideal to share, read alone, gift and treasure!

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Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest

A Fairytale by Ole Könnecke

Translated by Shelley Tanaka

(Gecko Press)- hardback

Dulcinea’s father makes her promise that she will ‘never go into the forest’. Although ‘no one has ever seen the witch-  everyone nows she’s there’. However when there are no blueberries for Dulcinea’s birthday ‘pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream’, Dulcinea’s father doesn’t ‘know what to do next’. After all, it will ‘take too long to walk to the market and back’. So as there are ‘plenty of blueberries growing in the forest’ that he can see ‘from the garden fence‘, he ventures within…
It isn’t long until the witch appears and decides that as Dulcinea’s father is evidently a ‘nature lover’ she has an appropriate spell. However, it will need her ‘book of magic’ as she cannot ‘remember a single spell’.
Will Dulcinea’s promise be broken when her father does not return? Thereafter, can she journey through the forest undergrowth and vines, across the moat and the stone cold castle floor to find the witch? What’s more, is there a way that she might outwit the witch to return her father and make sure they can live happily ever after?
Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest is a witty, entrancing fairy tale from Ole Könnecke whose Sports Are Fantastic Fun! is one of our favourite titles. Bookwagon recommends this unique, clever story for newer chapter book readers, bedtime stories and for gifting. It is a treasure!


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