Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial


How can a young gnorf think of entering the dungeon running Hero Trial? It’s laughable! Certainly that’s what Breg and his troggle Lumber Sisters consider. Then again, they terrorise Kit and his gobrot friend, Kleeko. Might that crush Kit, or possibly inspire him to do something rash? To form a trio and thereafter attempt to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to win the competition?

However, the trials are hugely popular across The Elf Cities, with Jenna the giant and Dirk the orc, commentating live. They’re dismissive of Kit, Sandy and Thorn’s chances!

What’s more, it seems there are jinxes and traps throughout the course not to mention the nasty tricks of other competitors. Furthermore, it’s expected all competitors will have skills. What skills might this trio hold? Sandcastles? Vegan vampirism?

Bookwagon is excited by Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial from award winning writers and illustrators, Kieran Larwood and Joe Todd- Stanton. We love the graphic content, alongside the way the course reads like a computer game. Welcome aboard Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial!

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Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial

Kieran Larwood and Joe Todd- Stanton

(Nosy Crow)

The commentaries of the National League commentators, Jenna the giant and Dirk the orc, are clung to by Kit. After all the running trials are inspirations. Wasn’t his grandfather, Klot, once been a run champion? However, Kit’s a gnorf- part gnome, part dwarf. It means that as well as being young, he’s small. Therefore, what chance does he have of being one of the Dungeon Runners? Then again, what if Breg’s bullying pushes Kit to a reckless decision?
The again, doesn’t entering the trials require a team? What if there’s a mage gnorf who might volunteer, alongside a vegan vampire? It doesn’t seem like a lot, especially to any spectators. However, there’s only ever been Kit’s gobrot pal, Kleekoo, as company and support, so what choice does Kit have? Thereafter, it’s a deep dive into the trials, to tricks and menace, monsters and a Top Trumps competition, too! It’s Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial!
Bookwagon invites readers who love adventures such as Dragon Storm: Tomas and Ironskin to take the plunge with Kit, Sandy and Thorn. There are clues and missteps, devastation and then bright chances too. What’s more, there’s more than one, brave surprise along the way. We welcome Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial aboard. What’s more this title looks to be the first in a series from award winning writers and illustrator Kieran Larwood and Joe Todd- Stanton.


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