Eagle Warrior


Could Bobbie be an ‘Eagle Warrior’? She and her grandmother are absorbed by sightings of a golden eagle soaring over their Scottish hillside farm. Yet not everybody feels that way. The ducal landowner holds grouse shooting parties. He feels a golden eagle is a threat to the hunt. To what lengths might he go to rid the skies of this feathered majesty?

Bobbie has a further dilemma with the arrival of Uncle Fraser, from Edinburgh. Despite being brother and sister, Uncle Fraser and Granny are like chalk and cheese. Their opportunities and lifestyles are sorely different . Each considers the other a threat to their own relationship with Bobbie. Now Uncle Fraser has an invitation to Bobbie that could change her life, seemingly for the better. What is Bobbie to do?

We have loved Gill Lewis’s environmental writing through stories like Sky Dancer and most recently The Closest Thing to Flying. With ‘Eagle Warrior’ she targets a British concern. Should we be celebrating and protecting the return of golden eagles to their natural habitat? Are they a threat to hill farmers and shooting parties? Can all factions arrive at a solution that is beneficial to every interest?

‘Eagle Warrior‘ is a really readable, instantly engaging title. It wears its principles and message lightly. Bookwagon recommends this dyslexia-friendly title highly to all readers.

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Eagle Warrior

Gill Lewis

(Barrington Stoke)

Who would consider glorious golden eagles a threat? Furthermore, who would take measures such as poisoning or shooting in darkness to rid the landscape of these creatures? Bobbie deals with this dilemma, while feeling disturbed by the hostility between her grandmother and great-uncle.  Although it seems like they’re the most different people she could imagine, they are two of her most beloved.
As for the golden eagle? Bobbie watches its glorious flight from hillside and moor, aware that it’s being watched by someone else. This other someone is without awe, seeing only the potential menace this sole bird might have to grouse shooting opportunities. What is to be done? Could Bobbie become an ‘Eagle Warrior’?

Dyslexia friendly format


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