Earth’s Incredible Places: Yellowstone


Yellowstone Park is one of the most significant geothermal areas in the world. Not only has it more than ‘10, 000 hydrothermal features‘ but a ‘city-size crater‘ is a major feature of this world famous park.

Although fur trappers, fortune hunters and scientologists ventured into the park through the nineteenth century, Yellowstone was a major site for ‘twenty-seven Native American tribes; over generations. Then again, Yellowstone has more than ‘1,850 archaeological sites‘ that have revealed how the Clovis people, were the ‘earliest known visitors- at the end of the Ice Age, 11,000 years ago‘. These hunters sought ‘woolly mammoths and giant bison‘. Then again, the European settlers, who forced the removal of many of the Native American peoples, also nearly brought the bison population, descended from these giant bison, to extinction. Their revival, like that of the wolf population, is explained in this superb book.

While more than four million tourists visit Yellowstone, the world’s first national park, every year, it remains a source of mystery, discovery, learning, renewal and hope. Climate change is a concern for its inhabitants, while scientists continue to seek understanding of food chains, and biodiversity, within this special habitat.

Bookwagon loves this superb book. There is such devotion and understanding in the subject and so much to linger over and consider. Bookwagon recommends Earth’s Incredible Places: Yellowstone to readers at home and school.

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Earth’s Incredible Places: Yellowstone

Catherine And and Bianca Austria

(Flying Eye Books)

Once, before the coming of European settlers, Yellowstone was a place of wonder and communion for the three Native American cultures and more than twenty-seven Native American tribes. It was also the place where these tribes hunted the bison. However, by the end of the 1800s ‘as few as 300 bison remained’.
Earth’s Incredible Places: Yellowstone, is a fascinating story of ‘the world’s first national park’. However, it also is a travelogue. Therefore, we journey through the park, learning about its astounding geography. For example, it has the largest collection of hydrothermal features, from fumaroles to geysers, including the world famous Old Faithful. However this national park also boasts North America’s ‘biggest mountain lake’ and more than ‘forty-five named waterfalls‘ alongside hundreds more, including some waiting to be discovered!
However, its wildlife, alongside revived bison, wolves and bears, remain one of the park’s biggest draw cards. In fact, more than four million tourists visit this place every year! Then again, without the work expanded upon in Fourteen Wolves, there would not be such a healthy food chain. That said, the park and its future, are threatened by the impact of climate change, as evidenced in the June 2022 wildfires.
Bookwagon is captivated by Earth’s Incredible Places: Yellowstone. We recommend this book highly for classrooms libraries and home.


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