Eating Chips With Monkey


Megan’s family don’t go to restaurants, have days out or holidays, really. All their days out ‘have to be Daniel-friendly – not too busy, not too noisy, and only ever to places that he wants to visit’. Yet, Megan accepts this. It’s the way the family is and operates. As long as there’s family fish and chip night, a highlight of everyone’s week, things are all right. Until they’re not. Until the night of the accident that leaves Daniel guilt torn and retreating into a relationship with Monkey, only.

How can the family recall the Daniel they know and love? Could it be through endless medical consultations? Possibly a stay at a clinic in Cambridge? Or might it be Dad’s surprise road trip, that involves lying to school and work and hauling Grandma’s bum bag aboard the car? Dad has more than one reason for needing the family to tour the country to research the best five chip shops. Can they bring Daniel back, and maybe find the start of Mum and Dad too? Furthermore, what else might be found along the way? It can’t involve potential romance or a giraffe attack, surely?

Eating Chips With Monkey is a warm-hearted, sincere, respectful and very funny book. We love it and recommend it to our readers.


Eating Chips With Monkey

Mark Lowery

(Piccadilly Press)

Daniel was preparing to be Eating Chips With Monkey on the night the car hit them both. Thereafter, though his injuries are minor, he’s retreated so that the family has lost him. Is it possible that Dad’s idea of a journey around the United Kingdom to taste test the ‘Top Five Chip Shops in the Country’ might release him? It seems like that was always in the plans. After all, ‘if it wasn’t for fish and chips….‘ They’re the family currency, it seems. Although the family has ‘never been able to go away like other families’ and ‘days out have to be Daniel- friendly’ suddenly Dad’s breaking the rules. Mum’s made him promise that if his reckless scheme doesn’t result in Daniel’s reemergence, they’ll try the professional recommendation of a Cambridge clinic.
We share the story of Daniel and the family as he struggles to assuage his guilt about the accident’s effect on his beloved Monkey. Meanwhile, Megan, his older sister, watches for glimpses of her Snotface. Thereafter she’s grappling with Grandma’s constipation problems, the peanuts in M&Ms, and snapshot memories of who her parents were once.
Eating Chips with Monkey is a really warm, funny, tender story of families, life journeys and discovery.


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