Eden Summer


Jess takes matters into her own hands when she learns Eden has disappeared. Over her ‘Eden Summer‘ she and Eden’s boyfriend, Liam, propped Eden up, enabled her to cope, indulged her. Yet, they couldn’t hold it all together. Eden’s rage and guilt go too deep. She is laden with brittle self- loathing and grief.

Jess pieces the summer together with her latest times with Eden. What are the clues? Where is Eden? Can Eden’s disappearance have anything to do with Liam? Will Jess be able to conquer her own demons to open up to those around her, face the truth and find Eden? The clock is ticking and it’s up to Jess to do everything she can to recover Eden.


Eden Summer

Liz Flanagan

(David Fickling Books)

This ‘Eden Summer’ has been intense. What are the clues as to Eden’s disappearance? Desperately, Jess searches through their history, unravelling the actions, interaction, violence and silence. What has happened to Eden? Jess has seen Liam’s anger, but he can’t be responsible, can he? What about the passports? Eden’s brittle Jekyll and Hyde performance? Can Jess find Eden before it’s all too late?


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