Edgar and the Sausage Inspector


Sausages, cakes, food fit for a feast… Edgar is determined to enjoy a scrumptious evening meal with his sister Edith. However, at every turn, he is prevented by the authority of The Inspector. With his loud voice, hat, badge, and immaculate timing, The Inspector is determined to ensure that Edgar and Edith are reduced to evening meals of dry crackers, limp celery and pickle. Is there no way to deter The Inspector?

Inventive, farcical, beautiful and very funny, Jan Fearnley’s latest book is a riot. The French themed setting, the illustration sideshow, and the daring of the story will entrance Bookwagon readers.  ‘Edgar and the Sausage Inspector’ demonstrates Jan Fearnley’s flair and imagination perfectly.

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Edgar and the Sausage Inspector

Jan Fearnley

(Nosy Crow)

Edgar and the Sausage Inspector encounter each other first ‘at the end of a funny little alley way.’ The rat block’s Edgar’s progress. He declares that ‘I need to inspect things.‘ It seems that Edgar has no choice but to hand over the sausages that he’s so keen to share with his sister, Edith.
Edith can hardly believe it. However Edgar insists, ‘He looked important. He was wearing a hat’. Thereafter, the rat waylays Edgar as he returns from the patisserie. It seems  he’s convinced there’s something wrong with the cakes that Edgar’s intending to treat Edith. ‘I’ve heard reports about bad cakes. You’d better hand them over.‘ However, there’s something suspicious for the rat is decidedly plumper. Is there anything that Edgar and Edith can do or are they destined to dine on pickles and celery.
What might happen when Edgar turns into the alley with a grocery trolley full of food? By now the rat has a ‘huge belly’ and looks ‘extremely important.’ However has the worm turned? Could something snap in Edgar that might mean a delicious dinner or two for Edgar and Edith? Or even more….
Jan Fearnley’s picture books are amongst the favourites of Bookwagon. From Mr Wolf’s Pancakes to Oh me, oh my, a PIE! she delights! Alongside witty storytelling, her gloriously coloured and enticing pictures delight. Would you trust to share your dinner with Edgar and the Sausage Inspector? 


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