Edgar and the Sausage Inspector


Sausages, cakes, food fit for a feast… Edgar is determined to enjoy a scrumptious evening meal with his sister Edith. However, at every turn, he is prevented by the authority of The Inspector. With his loud voice, hat, badge, and immaculate timing, The Inspector is determined to ensure that Edgar and Edith are reduced to evening meals of dry crackers, limp celery and pickle. Is there no way to deter The Inspector?

Inventive, farcical, beautiful and very funny, Jan Fearnley’s latest book is a riot. The French themed setting, the illustration sideshow, and the daring of the story will entrance Bookwagon readers.  ‘Edgar and the Sausage Inspector’ demonstrates Jan Fearnley’s flair and imagination perfectly.


Edgar and the Sausage Inspector

Jan Fearnley

(Nosy Crow)

It’s Edgar’s very bad luck that each time he’s planned a lovely tea to share with his sister, Edith, he should encounter The Inspector. He is keen to check Edgar’s luscious treats in case they might be bad. The Inspector wears a hat and a badge, so he’s obviously to be trusted…. isn’t he? ‘Edgar and the Sausage Inspector‘ is terrific, French flavoured, tongue in treat cheek, fun. Bookwagon readers aged from 3- 8 years old will love this title.


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