Edie‘ thinks ‘helping is one of the things I am best at’. We wonder whether her family agree! Edie ‘starts the day helping everyone get out of bed’. She continues by helping make breakfast, helping Daddy find everything he needs when they’re shopping, making sure that everyone at the park is having as much fun as possible…. ‘Edie‘ is essential; or so she thinks!

Bold, limited colour palette, French-picture book styled pictures in white space, offer greater opportunity for exploration and consideration. Edie is our speaker, but we are the interpreter. Do we agree with her view of her world?

Sophy Henn has created a megastar in ‘Edie‘, a truly busy, alert little girl. She may be familiar to some families or friends. She should be familiar to readers. We love this title. We recommend it to readers of all ages, from those aged about 3 or 4.



Sophy Henn


‘Hello. My name is Edie. I am ever so helpful.’ We learn how Edie is helpful in this wonderful picture book. From her first waking moment, to training her brother, helping her grandparents, painting and decorating or putting the shopping away, Edie is there, helping! We love this title and feel certain its ┬áreaders will love it too. We recommend ‘Edie‘ to readers aged from 3 or 4 years of age.


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