Egg Marks the Spot


Badger’s return visit to Campsite Number 5 of the Endless Lake is not how he imagined it would be. This is where he’d found his ‘Spider- Eye Agate after a big storm’. It’s also where he’d lost it to Fisher-  ‘Finders Keepers‘. However, finding that rock had started Badger’s passion for rock collecting.

On this visit, rather than it being an escape from his badger ‘den’s tumbles and tussles‘, he’s accompanied by Skunk and his overwhelming trudge-trudge-trudge beneath a yellow backpack. It seems that Skunk cannot equate the wonder of the woods and the lake from his earlier memories. As he shares these with Badger, the pair grow closer. Yet what will happen if their camping in the woods, takes on a dangerous turn? Could there be an approach by an unwanted cousin in his ‘straw fedora,- seersucker suit- walking stick, and -lemon-yellow loafers.’ What’s more, could he stop at nothing to have what Badger has? Then again, might Badger begin to understand chicken language- Bock!- alongside their ability to Quantum leap?

Egg Marks the Spot is the welcome return of the two roommates in Aunt Lula’s Brownstone who rub along well enough (when Skunk realises that a closed door means no entry.) Skunk and Badger is an outstanding title. Therefore, we are so happy to read and realise more adventures of the pair, thanks to the skills of Amy Timberlake and Jon Klassen.

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Egg Marks the Spot

A Skunk and Badger Story

Amy Timberlake, with pictures by Jon Klassen

(Scholastic)- hardback

Badger’s focus remains on his rock collection. What’s more, he’s alphabetised each find, alongside a label and spotlight. It seems he’s been busy in his ‘new rock room‘. It seems that he’s accepted Skunk’s presence in his life. This means that Aunt Lula’s brownstone is  shared convivially by the pair, unlike their introduction, Skunk and Badger.
However Badger’s concerned by the absence of his missing spike eye agate. How can he begin an alphabetised rock display without an A? It leads him to reminisce about his double-dealing, thieving cousin, Fisher, who stole this rock. What’s more, it seems that Skunk’s distracted. After all, he’s now settled in the brownstone, and would like to revise some of his earlier routines, including reading the New Yak Times’ Books’ Review. Yet how can he do that when it seems Mr G Hedgehog has relocated to North Twist? It seems that Mr G. Hedgehog took it upon himself to remove the book review section of this paper each week!
Therefore, the only thing for it, is a rock expedition, an Egg Marks the Spot. After all Badger’s hunt for an agate at Endless Lake would be markedly improved by Skunk’s cheffing presence. Then again, it would be a distraction for Skunk. Yet, have the pair any idea of what they might find? It seems chickens have an ability to Quantum Leap, while Fisher is keen to scout out his cousin, in lemon-yellow loafers.
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome this wonderful, witty, diverting and clever story from Amy Timberlake. It seems a little other worldly, a story for every generation, ideal for reading aloud and savouring alone. What’s more, Jon Klassen’s pictures offer this such a quality feel. Egg Marks the Spot is a mineral magnificent sequel and companion piece to Skunk and Badger.



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