Egg or Eyeball?


Chick works hard to educate Brain. Although they’re good friends, it’s evident that Brain is not very smart. Therefore, Chick reminds him to use his manners. Thereafter, when Brain awakens Chick with news that he’s found an eyeball, Chick is quick to correct him, for it is ‘an egg‘. Furthermore, it’s ‘an egg that came out of a lady chicken’.

Brain is not convinced by Chicks’ explanation, detailed drawing, or description of how an egg might become something like Chick. When Chick suggests that the egg might be his sister, Brain is nonplussed! However, Brain and Chick’s discussion awakens Spot. Like Chick, Spot is convinced that Brain’s discovery is an egg. Furthermore, he has designs on that egg for his lunch. Yet, when the trio awaken Puff Huffman, Spot’s attentions waiver…. It seems that the cat ‘smells great‘ to the dog.

Who else might enter the discussion? Could it be that Something Else might end the argument? Might the argument fragment Chick and Brain’s friendship, or is it stronger than eggshell?

Award-winning graphic novelist Cece Bell presents Egg or Eyeball? the first in a wry, fascinating, original series, ideal for newer chapter book readers.


Egg or Eyeball?

A Chick and Brain book

Cece Bell

(Walker Books)

Brain awakens Chick to show him an eyeball. Or is it? Though Brain my ‘look very smart’, he is ‘not very smart‘. Is it an Egg or Eyeball? While Chick is convinced Brain’s discovery is an egg, Brain offers, ‘Egg. Egg, egg, egg. That is a funny word!’ Thereafter, Chick attempts to explain the formation of an egg and that he, Chick, is in fact a chicken formed from an egg. However, Brain is not convinced. Might it be that Spot could help Chick? Or could it be that Spot has his own plans for egg? Perhaps he sees it as his lunch? Then, what is that thing in the corner? It couldn’t be… Puff Huffman?
Cece Bell, award-winning creator of El Deafo has created a fascinating, funny and confusing chapter book graphic novel. Egg or Eyeball? is the first in a series starring Chick and Brain. While you do wonder how Chick tolerates Brain, there’s a sense that he feels he can make a difference. Will he? Furthermore, is it possible that this disagreement will damage a friendship, or is that more precious than winning the argument?
The repetition, humour, great characterisation and clean images are so appealing. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this book aboard!


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