Einstein the Penguin


Can Imogen’s love of detective novels help with Einstein’s problem? It seems the Stewart family has grown used to having the little penguin about. He travels to school each day (secretly) with Arthur and sleeps on his pillow at night! Mr Stewart’s grown accustomed to his sloppy table manners too.

However, Einstein’s stay with the family is not just because he sought a home. It seems he’s on the search for a friend from whom he was separated at Sydney Zoo. Can Imogen piece together the clues that Einstein’s collected? Then again, can she and Arthur stay a step ahead of the suspicious man in the hat?

Bookwagon recommends Einstein the Penguin as a satisfying choice for newer chapter book readers. This is such an appealing debut story from Iona Rangeley, with really clever, curious illustrations from David Tazzyman.

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Einstein the Penguin

Iona Rangeley, illustrated by David Tazzyman

(HarperCollins)– hardback

Einstein the Penguin isn’t expected by the Stewart family. After all, when Mrs Stewart offers a polite invitation while leaving London zoo, she doesn’t expect it to be taken seriously. However a day later, the little penguin’s knock on the door changes their December.
Shortly after that, it’s sardines for dinner and sloppily eaten lasagne. What’s more, Einstein’s presence becomes constant for Arthur! Not only does he get help with his maths, but it creates a friendship too. However, when Einstein’s rucksack of keepsakes reveals a mystery, it seems the children must act! Can ‘DCI Stewart‘ track down Einstein’s friend, Isaac? It seems he’s been missing since Sydney. Are there any clues in the photographs? Or might there be a sighting at the bus stop that causes Imogen alarm? Then again, might discovering Isaac mean that Einstein’s intention is to leave the family?
Iona Rangeley’s debut novel for less experienced readers is full of charm and imagination. What’s more, we’ve the curiosity of illustrations from David Tazzyman, whose work we’ve loved in titles such as Eleanor’s Eyebrows.
Bookwagon recommends Einstein the Penguin as a lovely title to read alone, and a splendid choice for bedtime reading, possibly with crumpets and tea!


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