El Deafo


In her graphic novel, ‘El Deafo‘ Cece Bell chronicles her experience as a deaf child through her Junior School years. She shares issues of friendship, learning, family and intervention. Cece’s story is clearly recalled, the detail made more specific by the genre.  I was wrong to have been resistant to this title originally, fearing it would be patronising, for it is a strong, funny, wise, ‘superhero’ effort. ‘El Deafo!’ the superhero whom Cece imagined would be able to sort out the problems she faced through her disability, would be proud!

El Deafo‘ was a deserving winner of the Newbery Honor Prize and Eisner Award. I loved reading this story, was constantly fascinated, engaged and amused. We recommend ‘El Deafo!‘ to our readers.

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El Deafo

Cece Bell


Cece’s story as a deaf child coping with a hearing world is interplayed with a proud inner life. We learn how she would have dealt with  problems as her alter-ego, superhero ‘El Deafo!’ This wise, relatable graphic novel is truthful and very funny. We recommend ‘El Deafo‘ to all readers aged from 9 years.

Award winner- Newbery Honor Book, and Eisner Book Award (Best book for 8- 12 year olds)


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