Ella on the Outside


‘Ella on the Outside‘ is the story of Ella, settling into a new home and school. She has a deep secret that she is sworn not to tell. Lydia, the most popular girl in school, senses this secret. She has plans for Ella that will allow her access to Lydia’s inner circle. However, it will mean betraying someone more vulnerable than Ella. What is Ella to do?

Ella on the Outside‘ hooks the reader from the first page. It is an eloquent, relevant and empathetic title that we love. We recommend this book highly to middle grade readers searching for truths.

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Ella on the Outside

Cath Howe

(Nosy Crow)

Ella on the Outside‘ is about trying to fit in while working to conceal. Ella has a secret that the most popular girl in  school wants to unpick. She can let Ella fit in if she shares that secret and the secrets of another. ‘Ella on the Outside‘ is a stirring, brave and valid title recommended to middle grade readers.


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