Ellie and the Cat


‘Ellie and the Cat‘ changing places? How and why? Grandma wouldn’t do such a thing, surely! Maybe she’s had enough of Ellie’s brattish behaviour? After all she’s cooked Ellie’s most favourite tea of all. Ellie’s stirred it into a giant soup and thrown it on the floor! Grandma warned her there would be consequences…

What is Ellie to do? Grandma’s made it clear that if Ellie doesn’t succeed in her challenge, she and Jolly the cat will change places for good! What does Jolly think? How can Ellie succeed in this quest? Is there anyone who will help?

Malorie Blackman writes unique stories that grip and fascinate readers of all ages. Within the humour of this tremendous selection for newer chapter book readers, is a gentle horror. Grandma wouldn’t, she couldn’t, could she?


Ellie and the Cat

Malorie Blackman, illustrated by Matt Robertson

Ellie is not happy to be staying with her grandmother. Too many changes have left her angry. How can she make sure Grandma knows how she feels? What could Grandma possibly do? She couldn’t swap her with Jolly the cat, could she?

( A dyslexia friendly publication)


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