Embassy of the Dead


Jake has a lot on his mind. His father’s living on a farm and has bought a camper van. There’s a school camp on Monday. He’s been given a box by a strange man lurking in the alleyway to whom he greeted, ‘Good morning.’ The box contains- a finger…

This is the introduction to a rollicking, convincing, confident story. ‘Embassy of the Dead‘ is the group charged with finding Jake, and Stiffkey, the ‘strange man’ for their error. Suddenly the two are thrown together, while the varying forms of the dead and undead are explained, heatedly, to Jake by his new companion. Thank heaven Jake’s had experience of driving the camper van, for he’s going to need it.

‘Embassy of the Dead‘ had me absolutely gripped. I suggest it will your readers too. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but is for readers with a strong imagination, a certain degree of detachment, a high regard for confident story telling, and a great sense of humour.


Embassy of the Dead

(Leave Your Life At the Door. (Thanks.)

Will Mabbit, with illustrations by Chris Mould


‘Good morning.’ An innocuous phrase like ‘Good morning’ and Jake is sucked into an adventure such as he could never imagine! Befriended by a disreputable Undoer, and aided by a ghostly schoolgirl and lovelorn fox, while avoiding the fog preceding the ‘Embassy of the Dead’. . 


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